“Today God is still mysterious; indeed he seems to have a special kind of obscurity in store for each person’s life. But could he ever render any life as dark and incomprehensible as he did Mary’s? This is the real reason for her greatness and her being called blessed: she is the great believer.”

I swear, Benedict XVI is going to be remembered as the Apostle to the Doubtful.


  1. Mark Thomas says

    One can see someone reacting to this by saying: “The ultimate con: Owning up to the total silence, and canonizing those who ‘believed’ anyway.” (Then again, BXVI’s only riffing on Christ to St. Thomas the Doubter here…”See? There the Church goes again already.”)

    But every atheist’s greatest fear is that God really does exist (I think I’m stealing from Ratzinger here)…so how long before the “fool” (who has said in his heart “There is no God”) begins to feel himself surrounded by an ancient deposit of wisdom that already has him totally pegged? It’s either one or the other. And all things taken together, who’s got more on the ball? Which is another way of saying, how many really intellectually impressive atheists do you know? I honestly think Richard Dawkins is the best they’ve got…and that’s only because he’s such a good talker. (He’s a Celt, right? As in Irish? Or a Scot, like Hume?)

    Matt: I’ll post on NYC here soon.

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