Writer’s Rooms: Karen Hall – 2

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For the trivia minded. This is a candleholder and three silver spoons with the Hotel Winecoff insignia. The Hotel Winecoff features prominently in my novel “Dark Debts,” and is, to date, the deadliest hotel fire in American history. The building itself is still standing in downtown Atlanta and the builders were correct in proclaiming the building to be fireproof. Unfortunately, the furniture, drapes, carpet, bedding, and guests were not. In a “Titanic” style display of arrogance, the Winecoff Hotel stationery included the hotel’s motto: Absolutely Fireproof. I have a few sheets in my Winecoff collection, which also includes about a dozen postcards and a tarnished brass ashtray shaped like a puppy.

The communion of saints.

The back of the “It’s Not Me!” sign reads “It’s Production!” “Production” is how you blame anything that is late when you don’t want to take the blame yourself. That was a farewell gift to me from a friend in the post-production department at Judging Amy.

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