The Pagan Underground…

JOB asked for more pagan stuff. I’m going to have to disappoint him, I’m afraid – this was at least half-pilgrimage, and the pictures show it. But St. Clement’s basilica is built on top of the original St. Clement’s basilica, which is built in turn on top of a pagan temple and maybe part of a Roman government building. Here, The Wife gets hints for retiling the bathroom – over 2000 years later, and the pattern still isn’t dated.


  1. Anonymous says

    Fabulous pic of The Wife. My roommate thinks that she looks like Nancy Drew investigating some mysterious mystery.


  2. I too like this picture of Your Wife. She looks very hip with her boot leg jeans!

  3. Matthew:

    My wife are trying to visit Rome over Christmas to visit our daughter. Could you post sometime the hotels in which you stayed?

    Maybe places to eat as well.

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