That’s messed up

“… a new definition of what diversity means for everybody” or “that’s messed up”? Sorry, Oprah, I’ve got to come down on the side of “that’s messed up”.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    You’re so judgmental, Roof.

    “Beatie’s wife Nancy said she inseminated him with a syringe using sperm purchased from a bank.”

    What could be romantic? Light a candle, Uncork a bottle of chianti, and pull out the syringe. “She” doesn’t even have to be “ready”

    But why didn’t s/he freeze some of his/her own sperm for the event?

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Søren said “This is the way I think the world will end — with general giggling by all the witty heads, who think it is a joke.”

  3. angelmeg says

    Quin, She didn’t have any sperm of her own because she never had any to begin with.

    No matter how many surgeries she has or testosterone treatments she takes she will always be genetically female, as a “normal pregnancy” proves.

    I suppose the miracle is that all the assault that she did to her system with the male hormones didn’t create a hostile environment when she decided to allow the part of the system that she rejected to be used for her selfish purpose to work as God intended it to work originally.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    Uhh ,,, yeah, now that I’ve reread the story, I can see that I got turned around somewhere. I’d imagined that … never mind what I imagined. The reality is horrific enough.

    Thanks for setting me straight, Angelmeg.


  5. The Ironic Catholic says

    One vote for messed up here.

    Actually, I feel sorry for her. How horrid to be that uncomfortable in your own skin. But…I read this and think, can’t you just make up your mind?

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