Well now, looky here: The Wisconsin Poet has gone and written a sweet piece for OSV on the Master of Midwestern Catholicism, J.F. Powers.

Favorite line from the man himself: “But I write about priests for reasons of irony and comedy and philosophy. They officially are committed to both worlds in the way that most people officially are not. This makes for stronger beer. … So I just start with a priest, with a man with one foot in each world.”

Also liked this, from his daughter: “My father was interested in what it meant to be a Catholic writer,” she says, “and for him that meant telling the truth — through which the Truth would, or at least could, be glimpsed.”

It’s a grand piece. Go thou and read.

And if that whets your appetite for something longer, here’s Joseph Bottum on the man. (Bottum also contributes a quote or two to the Poet’s piece.)

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