Pieta – Orvieto


  1. Matthew,

    This IS something to look at – utterly breathtaking – and I commend your photo for getting all the textures, shadows, etc.

    I assume that’s Joseph of Arimethea in the back with the ladder…

    Has Thomas Lynch ever written anything of interest about St. Joseph of Arimethea (patron saint of morticians)? Curious to know.

    Also, it’s always fascinated me that Mary’s life was bookended by two Joseph’s – one to see Christ into the world, providing his cradle, and one to see him out of the world, providing his grave…

    Yes, suffice it to say, I am partisan about these two saints… Unashamedly so.


  2. Adam DeVille says

    Thanks so much for this! I remember this pieta well from a visit to Orvieto in October 1998. A friend, more knowledgable in these matters than I, pronounced this pieta the more magnificient over the one in the Vatican basilica. I don’t know enough to judge, but it was good to see it again. Orvieto was very charming and I’d love to return.

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