Meanwhile, Back Upstate… (NOT ABOUT ROME.)

…New Yorker cartoonists Marshall and Emily recently got married, had a baby and moved back upstate (he’s from Ithaca). So says the Ithaca Times interview (the “complete interview” was supposed to be online–but from the look of the Ithaca Times Art Blog, things may have gotten a little mixed up by their assistant Mary J. Wanna). Emily’s Blogger profile doesn’t yet indicate their return to their roots, but her last blog entry (a few months after getting married…busy mom?) does.

It just gets more and more interesting around here…

UPDATE: Found this, at least.


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, hush, you.

  2. Mark,

    Did this union take place after Marshall took the bow unstrung and with it unstrung the life of many a suitor?

    Or am I thinking of another Ithaca?


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