McBrayer With Me Here.

If you haven’t seen this, you should. (Keeping the vid off G-body, ‘cuz it might be said to ride the line. Even if in a good way.) Because the truth is that nobody can enjoy something like this as much as someone who actually delights in innocence (such as exists between, say, young newlyweds cavorting in the fields of love; again, see vid).

Innocence here is the visual gag (pictures don’t fit the music), but it’s more than funny. It’s truth. Which actually makes it more funny. Even as it’s not true at all (i.e., with respect to the whoredom of Carey). But then, Carey does tell on herself a bit here–plus there are moments when she seems to be actually playing, rather than playing someone playing–so more truthy delights here too? (But then again, how much better is a truthful whore than a lying whore?)

Bonus heartbreak: McBrayer is gay. Which is probably the only way the imagery could have come off as so delightfully pure. Any guy who wasn’t bent the other way probably couldn’t have pulled it off.

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