Korrektiv.org Acquires Lickona Online Technology

Reuters Financial News Service
April 1, 2008

Seattle-based blog Korrektiv.org announced in a conference call with investors this morning that the web 2.0 king-pin has signed a letter of intent to acquire Lickona Online’s PORNserver technology. A company spokeswoman said PORNserver is being acquired to add stronger compliance with the Z3950 Internet protocol into Korrektiv’s existing product line.

Korrektiv has been licencing the PORNserver technology for use in its “Sleaze-Server” product to act primarily as a Porn-based search engine similar to Korrektiv’s Pornicopia product, but with higher-level compliance with Internet access protocols.

According to the spokeswoman, the PORNserver and Pornicopia technologies will be merged, offering compatibility for customers of both products.

The deal is expected to be wrapped up this month with Korrektiv taking over the PORNserver technology and its client and reseller base. Korrektiv estimates the client base to be approximately 100, with a few large Sleaze-Server users, including Cubelando Mystico. Financial details were not disclosed at press time.


  1. Henri Young says

    I find that PORNserver has a smoother interface than pornocopia.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    You bastards. I go away for what, 10 days, and I come back to this? I’m gonna get mine back. You wait and see. My last Rome post is possibly my finest Today in Porn ever. But it’ll be a while before it goes up.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    Hey I just saw this. Nice acquisition. Where’s the porn?

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