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This place is dead, anyway. So go thou and check out Amy’s work on the New York Times’ PopeBlog. It’s full of bloggy goodness!


  1. From the Official Ratzinger Fan Club Website, this is best (being a Catholic Diocesan journalist, I can’t help but relish Allen’s insights – especially in last graf!):

    John Allen Jr. educates us (and hopefully the press) on what to expect from Benedict XVI this week:

    Benedict is a calm, cerebral figure whose aim on the road is more akin to planting seeds than to making waves. He seems to want to draw people into deeper intellectual and spiritual reflection, such as pondering the proper relationship between reason and faith. The extent to which such rumination will result from this trip will be impossible to quantify right away, and it’s certainly not an approach designed to galvanize swift “buzz.”
    During his travels, the pope also usually offers up lengthy reflections on core matters of Catholic faith and practice – the Eucharist, prayer and devotion, and the centrality of Christ. It’s worth remembering that the official motto of the visit is “Christ is our Hope,” creating a deliberately Christological context for his message.

    “Pope Preaches Christ” is probably not many editors’ idea of a sexy headline, but it’s likely to be the core of what Benedict himself is thinking and talking about over these six days. …

  2. Mark Thomas says

    A librarian I know brings it on the NYTimes popeblog here.

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