Bush to pull a Blair?

There’s some wild speculation going on over at NRO:

There’s a spring in the presidential step lately. Maybe it’s the freedom that comes with being in your final stretch. But, if you’ve listened to the last week or so of President Bush — speaking at the papal welcome ceremony last week, at a dinner in the pope’s honor, at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, and Thursday at a schools summit, it seems like something more. The rumor in Catholic circles last week was he’s destined to pull a Tony Blair — become a Catholic after his White House years. One oped columnist already went so far as to wonder if he was a secret Catholic. I don’t know about conversion — even if he has been cited praising “joyful Catholic nuns” and calling the Church a “rock in a raging sea” — but I do know he sounds like a man with a higher calling than making history books with a legacy plan.

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