Bragging Rights

Our cousin is the new Director of Vocations for the NY Archdiocese. Things there look good (on the Interweb, anyway). So did the brochure that everybody in Yankee Stadium got in their “gift pouch” (which pouch also included an “emergency” poncho/windbreaker, thank God). It was as smart as it was beautiful (much like the site; much text and many pics in common). Of course, for something like this, beautiful is smart; it’s about desire, people. (It was attractive to me, and I’m both deliriously hitched and pater of a familias of seven!) Wish I could post the cover photo (couldn’t find it on the site): Taxicabs whizzing past St. Patrick’s. Quintessential Church-in-New-York, which is to say, quintessential New York.


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Here’s hoping:

    “Cardinal Egan has also had to deal with the effects of the sex-abuse scandals, and the decline in candidates for the priesthood, which he has been unable to stem. The archdiocese’s seminary, St. Joseph’s in Yonkers, where Cardinal Egan appeared by Pope Benedict’s side on Saturday, expects to ordain just six men in May.”

  2. Anonymous says

    wow. that is fabulous. i think the pope’s visit will have made a huge difference. huge. my son watched in awe as he prayed vespers with the bishops. it was a good moment. our pope has done alot to heal the church….praise be to god, which is a big step in the right direction. so, it seems, is a bit of a return to traditionalism, which, ironically, is attracting young men! thanks for posting that. mcm

  3. Mark Thomas says

    Now that NY has had a good administrator to get it through the present tumult, it really, really could use another prophet, like an O’Connor. Just like England could use a Dominican at the top of its heirarchy.

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    Amen. It does look great. No cutesy gimmicks. Just the grand yet humble reality.

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