A Little Something for Cubeland Mystic

Who knew the McDonald’s in Orvieto sold ravioli with black truffle sauce?


  1. Isn’t Orvieto wonderful?

    Did you take any pictures of the church, or just the ravioli?

  2. Cubeland Mystic says

    Good tactical choice. Truffles are something you can get in the states. Were they Italian truffles or French? What was inside them? What preceded them and then what followed them? Can we reverse engineer them? McGrigio or something local?

    If you can get me an approximation of the ingredients we might be able to reproduce them here at Mystic Labs. We make a mushroom ravioli with a butter truffle sauce at the cubeland monastery.

    Now that you tried the smack, if you start having withdrawals, or suffering depression, or hating life in the gruelag, contact me. I can help you guys.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    Oops I forgot. The most important question, please tell us in great detail about that carrot on the side of the plate or what ever that orange thing is?

  4. Ah, Orvieto! When I was in Italy for the first (and, alas, only–so far) time in 1998, I spent my first night in Orvieto at a charming monastery there–dead silence and wonderful sleep. Did you go to the cathedral (?) to see the evidence of the 11-century eucharistic miracle–the blood on the corporal (purificator?)?

  5. Anonymous says

    When we took our children to Rome last year, they did badger us into eating at McDonald’s (twice!)

    Yes, the rest of the time, our kids did experience real food (aka Roman cooking) and gelato (three times a day on average), so this wasn’t truly child abuse (only parent abuse).

    I will say, in defense of Italian Mickey D’s that our happy meals at the McDonald’s on the piazza directly across from the Pantheon provided one of the best views of our trip. We sat at an outside table on the piazza with a red tablecloth! Even fast food in Italy requires this civilizing touch, it seems.

    And yes, unfortunately, the burgers and fries tasted exactly the same as they did here. Although I think they did offer Baci McFlurries, if memory serves.

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