Trevi Fountain at Twilight

We got a late start yesterday, what with the Walk of Shame, so after the Villa Borghese, all we had time for was a smattering of churches, the Spanish Steps, and the Fountain before we heard the call of the table…I would say we ate like gods, but the “like” seems to water it down…


  1. How did you get that gorgeous photo without six billion tourists in it?

    (I had to give up and steal one off of Flickr.)

  2. Anonymous says

    I was there at this time last year (with my husband and kids). Best twentieth anniversary present ever!

    Don’t miss Ai Monasteri, a beautiful little store that sells wine and chocolate and other items made in Italian monasteries (it’s one block behind Piazza Navona (Corso del Rinascimento 72). It looks like a medieval apothecary.

    One of my favorite areas (in addition to Trastevere) was the Via Maria della Pace area near Via de Coronari (I’m sure I am butchering these spellings) This area is where the rosary makers used to have shops (now filled with antiques). It’s behind Piazza Navona on the way to the bridge to Castel Sant’Angelo. A magical place for strolling.

    I also absolutely loved the Basilica of San Clemente (a few blocks past the Coliseum on Via San Giovanni in Laterno, I think). Visit the excavations under the church and you can literally walk down through 2000 years of history. Amazing!

    My favorite experience was taking the Scavi tour under St. Peter’s Basilica to see the apostle’s bones. You need reservations, but I’m told you can sometimes join a tour at the last minute if there is space.

    Enjoy, it is truly the experience of a lifetime.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    We ate like gods . . .

    Trevi Shmevi, what the hell did you eat? Prove that you ate like gods. Who needs pictures of St. Peter’s (like we haven’t seen that a million times) when you can snap a picture of dinner, and we all can behold the beauty of Roman sweetbreads or gnocchi cooked to neo-platonic perfection.

    Your readers live in the Gruelag Archipelago. We want to know about the food.

    Do I dare disturb the universe? Perhaps it is better this way? Not knowing that is. We only have the appearance of food here in the Gruelag. It’s better not to speak of your bliss. I see your wisdom now. Forgive my zeal.

    What good would it do to mention that 10 day old $7 a pound flavorless tomatoes from Ho-Foods is no different than 10 day old 5 pounds for a dollar flavorless Safeway tomatoes? The allusion of quality and wholesomeness grows in proportion to the dollar outlay.

    Nope better to keep silent, knowledge only breeds despair.

  4. Enough about the food already. The question is: How’s the wine?

    That picture of the Trevi fountain does look a little too good to be true. Since I don’t see your wife or your toes in there I’m guessing you got it off Google Images.

    Looks like a great trip. Have fun.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    That picture is mine. I’m tall, and held the camera above the tourists – there are thousands of ’em, just below the image.

  6. one nostalgic traveler ... says

    the euro, did you throw the euro in, facing backwards??? If not, you will have to visit the fountain again BEFORE you leave so you can return on another trip ….

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