The Problem of Bears

The four-year-old theological questioning continues.

The scene: riding in the car, on our way to Mt. Angel Abbey for the triduum, eating McDonald’s.

Daughter: Mommy, why did God make grizzly bears? When they kill people.
Mother: You wanna field that one, dad?
Father: ….(Mouth full, cant talk.)
Daughter: Mommy, do grizzly bears eat people?
Mother: Well, sometimes maybe. Not very often though.
Daughter: Mommy, why are teeth sharp?
Mother: For eating food, tearing meat and stuff like that.
Daughter: Like bears!


  1. Confused. Thought you were in Spokane. Are you on the coast for Easter and spring break?

  2. Rufus McCain says

    We try to go to Mt. Angel for the Triduum every year. So this scene occurred last night as we were leaving Spokane. By the way, have you seen the Forbes thing where Boise is rated the #2 place in the country for business or careers or some such? Spokane is trailing you at #9.

  3. I wish Forbes would stop telling people about Boise. 🙂

    Actually, I think the Home Improvement Network just did a bit on real estate here. I just keep wanting to say, “SSHHHHHHHH!”

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