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“Poetry gives us knowledge. It is a knowledge of ourselves in relation to the world of experience, and to that world considered, not statistically, but in terms of human purposes and values. Experience considered in terms of human purpose and values is dramatic – dramatic in that it is concrete, in that it involves a process, and in that it embodies the human effort to arrive – through conflict – at meaning.”

– opening of the Preface of Understanding Poetry, Third Edition, by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren (pictured above).


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    I have a bottle of Cazadores Anejo. Un-opened, and not likely to be opened.

    As you know I think that Lego Land is as close to heaven as you can get on earth. So do the kids. Lego Land is in Carlsbad. I have time off in October to regenerate a new anus. Anejo would have a place of privilege in my van. All I need is a place to drink the Anejo. Any ideas?

  2. M. Swaim says

    Is that the magnum of the Vina Borgia, or is it the girly-man size? It’s difficult to tell.

    Way to go on not buying the cheap stuff in the bourbon department.

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