Father-Daughter Catechetical Whisperings During Mass This Morning

The Daughter in the following fragments of a mid-Mass whispered dialogue is my four-year-old, the Dad is myself. Pretty keen questions for a four-year-old. I hope my answers will suffice for now.

Pointing at the station of the cross behind us depicting Jesus being taken down from the cross:

Daughter: Is that when Jesus died?
Dad: Yes.

Noticing the crucifix which had been moved from the nave to the formerly crucifixless sanctuary in our church:

Daughter: Hey, is that new?
Dad: They moved it from over there.
Daughter: Who is that standing next to Jesus?
Dad: Mary and … I think that’s the Apostle John, a good friend of Jesus.
Daughter: Why did they kill Jesus, Daddy?
Dad: They didn’t know what they were doing. They were mad because he said he was the son of God.
Daughter: Didn’t they know he was?
Dad: No, but he proved it to them when he rose from the dead three days later.

Turning around again to look at the stained glass window depicting St. Ambrose baptizing St. Augustine:

Daughter: Who’s that guy with blue stuff coming out of his hand?
Dad: That’s St. Ambrose. He’s baptizing St. Augustine. That’s water pouring out of his hand.
Daughter: But he’s not a baby.
Dad: Some people don’t get baptized until they’re grown up.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Wow, that’s incredible. What a lucky pair.

  2. Great example of why we have stained glass and statues in our churches.

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