Faith at the Edge

“Finally, I asked, ‘So, if this is so unreliable, what are my other choices?’ She lit up. Her presentation of birth control options ended with such a glowing recommendation of the pill that I could have sworn she owned stock in a drug company. Somewhat numb, I took the bus home, clutching the list of birth control methods in one hand and the basal temperature chart in the other. Was this truly my only option? Somewhat desperate, I decided to do my own research. I logged on to and searched for a combination of ‘natural’ and ‘birth control.’ My heart leapt when the site suggested dozens of books. So this thing existed? And people had written about it? And then, I found the community I didn’t even realize I was longing for – peer reviews…One reviewer said that every woman should read this book to understand how her body worked – another claimed to have used the method with success for over nine years. Nine years? I’d been led to believe that I wouldn’t last a week and a half.”

– Elizabeth Wirth, from “Like a Natural Woman”

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