Fail Again.

Brilliant. Your cover story is called “Fat & Happy.” So, in your events section, you run a blurb for a workshop by the author of Fat No More, which reads: “If you’ve read our cover story this week, you now know that, for some people, being fat doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy or unhappy. For the rest of us victims of mainstream notions of social desirability…”

And you run a blurb for a lecture by the irrepressible Mark Dery, a man who “was once a pimple-faced Jesus freak living in San Diego.” His talk “takes you through his past and brings you to present San Diego – a San Diego he sees as still seeped in anti-intellectualism and creepy conservatism.” That’s a burn. Except the lecture is being hosted in San Diego. “Oh, Mark. Tell us again how anti-intellectual we are!” (Though the blurbist’s use of “seeped” when I’m pretty sure the standard term is “steeped” might indicate that Dery has a point…)


  1. City Beat is a horrible joke.

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh, did I miss his talk? What a shame. Because that’s what the world really needs: more godless leftism.

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