Day-Blooming Jasmine


  1. Rufus McCain says

    I’m reminded of a line from a well-known hymn. Something about the day and the night being the same.

  2. J.Christian:

    (Here ye! Here ye!)

    OK, JC, come up with a sonnet on jasmine – (theme is dealer’s choice) and in the great Petrarchian tradition, I’ll write the antistrophe….

    (Next time, agreed, you call the tune?)

    With great anticipation,


  3. this must smell heavenly!!!

  4. Johnny Vino says

    Being a Joss Whedon fan, “jasmine” just makes me want to pick up a cross-bow.

    Maybe I’m just bitter cause we still have 6 inches of snow left to melt…

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Snow? Please explain.
    Yes, it does.

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