I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger.
Then it hit me.


  1. I know this is obnoxious, but it seemed the only way to get in touch with you Korrektivs. If you must delete it, then so be it:

    I play in a secular band called the Cassettes from the Washington, DC area. If you watch the video for the song “Rogue Gnome” to the end, you’ll hear a rather familiar paraphrasing of a quote from one of our favorite authors:


    Oh, and while you are there, feel free to vote as well!

    Made up of myself, a Catholic, a Muslim, a lapsed-Romanian Orthodox/Non-denom Protestant, and a “secular” Jew, The Cassettes don’t have any particular religious stance, but I should say that we are fighting, in our small way, towards what I would suggest is something close to Distributist ideals. We try to work and play with local and small-minded (in the Schumacher sense) folks as much as possible, including playing on street corners for passers-by when the mood strikes us.

    Also, please take a look at some of these “DIY” videos I have made with the help of the Cassettes, in order to inspire people to make do for themselves, in some way, and/or enjoy those things available locally:


    Hopefully, I will get more of these up there, but I am a bit of a perfectionist, and it takes me a long time to make them. I need to learn better that things worth doing are worth doing badly.

    We would love it if you would like to repost the top link on your blog, perhaps as some light relief and Chestertonia in an interesting context, or any of the videos and such that you are interested in. Feel free to contact me for more info! And if you know anyone else who might be interested, do please forward the links along.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    If Korrektiv were a band (as has sometimes been purported) this is probably a lot what we’d sound like. Except there would be a lot more mimetic desire floating in the air.

  3. Rufus McCain says


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