From Czesław Miłosz: Conversations

I also picked this up over the weekend, and came across this exchange referencing our humble website.

Paniker:There are Wandering Jews – and not only Jews, but all classes of people. Gandiji was also of the view that fear is the greatest evil. If you are afraid, the tyrant can do anything he likes. The notion of heresy as a kind of challenge to the ruling dogma: could that be one of the ways of saving the dilemma that mankind has come to in our time?

Miłosz: I don’t get the idea.

Paniker: For example, Kruschev was a kind of corrective to Stalin, or Titoism as a kind of corrective to to Stalinism, or in recent times, Maoism as a corrective to the Russian type of Marxist dogma. Can there be a solution for totalitarian is which can come from totalitarianism itself?

Miłosz: I wouldn’t answer that question, for you are asking me a question good enough to be answered by a political scientist. And certainly all my efforts have been to avoid a political label.

Korrektiv is of course a corrective to Everything.

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