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Bring an Illegal Alien to Lunch

… get a hundred bucks.

S.G. Chivo here, candidate for President of the United States. Our hundred-dollar giveaway at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Seattle went so well, we thought we’d give away some more greenbacks at our next campaign stop this coming Monday at the Denney’s on Liberty Ave in El Paso. We’ll be there from noon to two o’clock in the afternoon, handing out a genuine Ben Franklin (that’s a hundred bucks my friend) to anyone bringing in an illegal alien. Here’s how it works: You know an illegal alien, you invite him or her to lunch down to Denney’s. Hell, bring a whole truckload — we’ll give you a hundred bucks apiece. We’ll have armed deputies on hand to escort the illegals onto the S.G. Chivo campaign bus. Once we’ve collected a bunch at $100 a pop, they will be transported to the Chivo Texas campaign headquarters where they will be provided room and board and employed licking stamps and addressing envelopes for the Chivo campaign while awaiting deportation.

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