How You Found Korrektiv

Using, M. 70.145.250 of Wilmington, North Carolina found our humble website after conducting a Google search using the words “toddler horoscopes”. This brought them directly to (of course) Rufus’ post on October 21st, 2005, “Toddler Horoscopes”. I myself do not follow horoscopes, having always believed them to be a bunch of bologna, and of course relished Percy’s takedown of horoscope reading at the beginning of LITC. I would urge, am urging, 70.145.250 to follow the example of 213.199.194 of Debica, Poland, who found us after looking for something on “Semiotics for Beginners”, or perhaps 209.112.219 of Anchorage Alaska, who spends his (or her) time in search of footage of Marty Robbins on YouTube.

But then I wouldn’t have believed I’d ever have found out who short-sheeted my bed in the guest house back in ’95 or ’96, so who knows? That Rufus is a spooky guy … er, a guy surrounded by spooky, paranormal activity. Anyhoo, thanks for visiting, and may the signs you follow always be as clear as the stars over West Texas.

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