Cindy Will You Marry Me?

I happened upon this unusual marriage proposal during my lunchtime walk near Gonzaga University yesterday. Not only is this guy proposing marriage, but he’s got the date set. Small window of opportunity, Cindy. It’s August 17, 2008 or never. Check your calendar and let me know if that works for you. Or is that the deadline? Cindy, will you marry me? You have until August 17 to make up your mind. Or is this a post-dated offer? Cindy will you marry me? This offer goes into effect on August 17. Don’t even talk to me till then, ’cause I’ll be out sowing wild oats. And he assumes Cindy will know who is making the proposal. What if Cindy says yes, but to the wrong guy? Ah Cindy, lovely Cindy. What are you going to do? Marry him of course.


  1. The Ironic Catholic says

    Nothing says true love like a paper proposal on a post.

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