Oh, Britney. Seducing a priest in the confessional? Madonna from 1989 called, she wants her schtick back. Actually, Madonna had a much better handle on sacrilege – girlfriend remembers her Catholic pieties:

Plus, while Madonna and Britney have both played the rosary-as-necklace card (and guess who did it first?), at least Madonna knew better than to drape the beads around the priest’s neck. Sheesh. Who’s styling that shoot?


  1. Exactly.

    On all points.

    As far as a stylist, I don’t think Brit has had one…for quite awhile.

  2. oops, I am a loser who triple clicks, apparently…

  3. Steve Nicoloso says

    Who’s styling that shoot?

    Indeed. The post-conciliar failures of the Church are evident in the low overall quality of her apostates. There was once a time when a person leaving the Church would have a detailed knowledge of what he was rejecting. Given the now almost universally poor state of catechesis, and the entrenchment of therapy (a la Barney) in its place, those who now reject the Church barely know at all the thing they’re rejecting. And so can merely offer vague and sophomoric suggestions of sacriledge or blasphemy.

    The tide will have turned, please God, when the quality of Catholic apostates starts to rise!

  4. cubeland mystic says


    Your comment is very very funny, deserving of its own post. Hint, hint, hint, hint.

  5. Steve Nicoloso says

    Hint, hint?… To whom?!

  6. cubeland mystic says

    To Matt. He should post it.

    Do you have a blog too?

  7. Steve Nicoloso says

    I’ve guest-blogged from time-to-time on my bro-in-law’s and another virtual friend’s blog, but I can’t log into them anymore.

    I find that I sometimes have plenty to say; and sometimes have the ability to say something well. But rarely to these occasions intersect. So I read… and try to learn to shut up.

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