My Brief Foray Into Nostradamus

I walked into Barnes & Noble today and gravitated over to the New Books table. A new book on the prophecies of Nostradamus caught my eye. I momentarily reflected that Nostradamus books are a perennial staple of places like Barnes & Noble, then I grabbed a copy, cracked it open with some degree of incredulity, and lo and behold the following quatrain hit me in the face:

De sang Troyé naistra coeur Germanique,
Qu’il deviendra en si haulte puissance:
Hors Chassera gent estrange Arabique,
Tournant l’Eglise en pristine preeminence.


A German heart is born of Trojan blood,
He will wield such power
That he will chase away the foreign Arabs,
Returning the Church to her immaculate preeminence.

Interpretation: Pope Benedict XVI.

So then I wondered if there were any quatrains purported to pertain to Pope John Paul II. None in the index of the book, but I found this via Google:

Après le siege tenu dix-sept ans,
Cinq changeront en tel revolu terme:
Puis sera l’un esleu de mesme temps,
Qui les Romains ne sera trop conforme.


After the throne has been held for seventeen years,
Five shall change when that term has run out:
Then, at the same time, one shall be elected,
Who will not be very conformable to the wishes of the Romanists.

One website says this is about the reign of Louis Phillipe and his five sons; but this other website makes an interesting case for a John Paul II interpretation, since the reign of Pius XI was seventeen years and then there were five more popes and then JPII who didn’t conform to the Romanists (or the Russians, another possible interpretation of Romains). Hmmm….

OK, let’s move on.

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