Mark Steyn on The Full Metal Deer Apocalypse

“Back in 1996, Pat Buchanan, hot from his triumph over Bob Dole in the New Hampshire primary, warned the country-club Republicans that he was coming to get them “like a character out of Deliverance.” In the film, you’ll recall, a quartet of suburban guys spend a nightmare weekend in the backwoods, in the course of which one of their number winds up getting strapped to a tree and sodomized by a mountain man. (“Squeal, piggy!”)

At the time of Pat’s remark, I remember thinking: What a great country! In how many other political cultures can a fellow identify himself with a stump-toothed inbred psycho hillbilly homosexual rapist as an applause line?”


  1. Henri Young says

    A great one. Thanks.

  2. Ironic Catholic says

    Pat, hon, you’ve finally lost that last marble in your brain. Sorry to break it to you.


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