Bird’s Nest In Your Hair

A Novel

Dramatis Personae, by no means complete.

Diana   tends bar.
Pete tells jokes.
Bill tags along.
Brian hides in his room.
Jeb writes poetry.
Jim married Sarah.
Sarah married Jim.
Susan goes to church.
Keith is a true believer.
Father Adamawicz listens well.
Dr Cervantes ponders.
Julie is young and restless.
Tom manages a video store.
Helen is very wealthy.
Doug lords land.
Tweezer likes to be helpful.
Elizabeth seems absent.
Allen frets too much.
Prof Callahan teaches Greek.
Li’l Paul masturbates.
Roger makes movies.
Pebble lifts weights.
Here comes Satan, prince of the power of the air,
He’s gonna make you a law unto yourself,
Gonna build a bird’s nest in your hair.
He’s gonna deaden your conscience,
Til you worship the work of your own hands,
You’ll be serving strangers in a strange, forsaken land.

~ Trouble in Mind, by Bob Dylan


  1. says

    I like it so far….

  2. Henri Young says

    Hot darn!

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