Because "that pig-mask chick from Saw IV" was just a little too labor-intensive…

…Bizarro selects “couple ignoring the population crisis” as one of the scariest costumes of 2007.
See you in the funny papers!


  1. Matthew,

    Gosh – I guess I better get busy – if 7 is not enough to address the population crisis, I need to do more to repopulate the earth.

    Oh, but wait, he’s not referring to the REAL population crisis, is he? Just the one Hollywood has hooked up to a ventilator system to milk it for all its worth… who REALLY believes it: is that why Russia is having a “Conception Day” – national holiday with cash incentives to concieve a child?



  2. Kevin Jones says

    If I were a nasty sort of person, I’d photoshop the family to look like it was from some minority group, then accuse the cartoonist of racism.

    One artificial controversy deserves another.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    I dunno, Kevin – I think if you wanted to stir up a controversy, you could make a case that the mom looks Hispanic, without any photoshop.

  4. I didn’t know Thomas Malthus was a cartoonist. Makes sense; he kinda sucked at that population prediction thing.

  5. Well, I’m kinda flattered. And we’re in costume every day of the year! (My Chinese son-in-law might enjoy being Recalled Toy from China, too)

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