From the YouTube Music Video Archives: St. Dominic’s Preview

From a Rolling Stone interview in 1972:

VM I’d been working on this song about the scene going down in Belfast. And I wasn’t sure what I was writing but anyway the central image seemed to be this church called St. Dominic’s where people were gathering to pray or hear a mass for peace in Northern Ireland. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was in Reno for a gig at the University of Nevada. And while we were having dinner I picked up the newspaper and just opened it to a page and there in front of me was an announcement about a mass for peace in Belfast to be said the next day at St. Dominic’s church in San Francisco. Totally blew me out. Like I’d never even heard of a St. Dominic’s church.
RS How did the song turn out?
VM Great. In fact I’m gonna be recording it in a couple of days.
RS What did you end up titling it?
VM “St. Dominic’s Preview.” You know something? I haven’t a clue to what it means.


  1. VM is wonderful. Heartbreaking voice. I’m older than you guys. He was hot back in the day. As was BD. Sigh.

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