From The YouTube Music Video Archives: Lost Cause

I’ll say up front that much of the music made by Beck eludes me, but the album Sea Change is incredible. The song Golden Age is another winner, and (although?) in the video here it seems pretty clear he’s aping Dylan as well as he can. On the other hand, maybe he was being ironic, since he’d been considered by others the next incarnation of His Eternal Bobness long before this video was made. How can we possibly keep up with the irony of the next generation? In any case, these are both great songs.

Put your hands on the wheel / Let the golden age begin / Let the window down / Feel the moonlight on your skin / Let the desert wind / Cool your aching head / Let the weight of the world / Drift away instead / These day I barely get by / I don’t even try / It’s a treacherous road / With a desolated view / There’s distant lights / But here they’re far and few / And the sun don’t shine / Even when its day / You gotta drive all night / Just to feel like you’re ok / These days I barely get by / I don’t even try

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