Korrektiv Summit IV: A Baptism

The Korrektiv kids discuss the doctrine of original sin.

Henri, Rufus and Quin pose with the newly baptized Joan of Arc McCain.


  1. Hey, don’t you think a new birth warrants more than a passing comment in a previous post? Sheesh!

    Congratulations on the formerly new arrival!

  2. Theocoid too bad you missed out. There was a whole blog on the subject. Awesome journey.

    Happy Baptism, good thing she isn’t a hethan anymore. One in the house is plenty for any wife to have to deal with.

  3. We thought you guys should know about us guys. Cheers

  4. The Ironic Catholic says

    Nice pics! Congrats to Joan of Arc. (Keep an eye on her when she turns 15).

  5. Rufus McCain says

    Ocoid: Thanks for the good wishes; and you’re right. By way of penalty and repentance, I provide herewith the scoop on Joan of Arc’s coming into the world.

  6. Rufus McCain says

    AM and IC: gracias amigas.

    Athos: weird, wonderfully weird.

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