Henri, Quin & Rufus


  1. oh yeah, the three mas– ahem, er, musketeers.

  2. Nice outfits, do you wear those to work or only when you have summits?

  3. Enough with the liturgical dances – yikes! Bet the music is Gregorien chant – it always makes me jump!

  4. The Ironic Catholic says

    Quin, your left leg is not at a perfect 90 degree angle. I’m disappointed. Very disappointed….

  5. Quin Finnegan says

    Yes. The … uh … yeaaahh.

    The hemarhoids were killing me. Mrs. Young bears the primary responsibility for that, because of her fabulous chili – made with Afrikan Red Peppers and plenty of vodka. I had several of those large ziplock bagfuls.

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