My Semiotic Profile

Relation of Self to World:
Hopefully tending towards creaturely cohesion, transparency under the transcendent I-Thou creator, sustainer, redeemer — hallowed be thy name; but fraught with problematic immanence and transcendence troubles per usual: at times fucked up beyond belief and falling off both sides of the horse whose cart I keep putting first, etc, i.e. a sinner constantly weaving and unweaving a web of lies to cover my own ass; occasional bouts of anxiety, depression, momentary elation; but nevertheless a participant in sacramental reality and thereby a recipient of tactile signs of God’s transcending love and grace (my wife’s eyes, the words of absolution, Christ’s body and blood) paradoxically incarnated within the spheres of immanence.

Relation of Self to Others:
It’s always been shifting sand, the parable of the lost sheep, losing them and running after them, or getting lost my own self and avoiding every effort at being found. Putting undue store in signs of synchronicity, astrological mumbo jumbo, fortune cookies, parlor games, coincidence, flips of the coin, blips on the radar screen signifying my path and yours converging and then diverging in a deep fog. Also trafficking in quirkiness and goofball humor, poesy and suchlike, wishing to attract your attention with fresh reformulations and approximate revelations of truth and beauty — and you rarely ever noticing.

Identity of Self:
A Married Man, a father, a son, a mower of lawn, a castaway who’s heard and believed the news from across the sea but now what. A 10th grade poet.

Movement of Self vis-a-vis World:
Pilgrim, wayfarer, traveler, occasionally consulting the map and seeing that I’ve lost the trail, occasionally enjoying the view, occasionally stubbing my toe, occasionally asking for a sign and occasionally receiving one.

Chart your own semiotic profile.
(Cf. Lost in the Cosmos, Question 13: “The Transcending Self”)


  1. angelmeg says

    The original reason for my blog was that I needed a place to figure out who I was (vis a vis the world you might say). Okay well that and Fr. Clem said that I should share my reflection on God’s movement in my life with others and I figured if I put it out there in cyberspace someone was bound to see it. (and looking back on my archives I did a much better job of this in the early days
    than I do now).

    If my brain weren’t quite so fried from Ancient Philosophy class I think I would try to do this for myself. I think if you read my first month archive you get a pretty good picture of my semiotic profile, perhaps not quite what Walker Percy had in mind, but in my minds eye, It is pretty close to who I am, even though it is four years old.

    If I get a chance I will let you know what I think of the book as a whole.

    I am still trying to decide if it would be unrelievedly bad news if mrangelmeg were swallowed up by a sinkhole after his retirement if he turned out to be a couch potato(LITC Chapter 9, #3)

    Actually we live in an area rife with Karst and have two sink holes on our property so as that great comedian and minor Philosopher Judy Tenutaused to say “It could happen!”

    Chances are far more likely that I will be the one that will tend toward entropy (sloth being my greatest sin,).

    Well, I am off to bury myself in the world of the Athenians.

    Thanks for giving me a great place to hide when I need it.

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