1. FYI…from a Bruce Springsteen bio:

    Walker Percy, who was undergoing radiation treatments at the time, was moved to write Springsteen in 1989: “I’ve always been an admirer of yours, for your musicianship, and for being one of the few sane guys in your field. The two of us are rarities in our professions,” he continued, speaking of their shared faith, “you as a postmodern musician and I as a writer, novelist, and philosopher.”… Years later, after Percy’s death, Springsteen read his novel The Moviegoer and admired its lasting “toughness and beauty.” He wrote Percy’s widow: “The loss and search for faith and meaning have been at the core of my own work for most of my adult life. I’d like to think that perhaps that is what Dr. Percy heard and was what moved him to write me.”

  2. Henri Young says


  3. angelmeg says

    Crap, glad that doesn’t mean I have to become a Springsteen fan.

    I am just going to chalk it up to one of Walker’s quirks, just like I do mrangelmeg’s love of Mountain Dew. I love him but I would never touch the stuff.

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