depression a blessing


  1. angelmeg says

    My spiritual awakening came from a deep depression. I was so very lost and felt so alone, and someone wisely introduced me to John of the Cross. It was through his writings that I found my way out of the Dark Night.

    I emerged into a totally new and deeper relationship with God that was forged in the pain of those long months when I was so lost to everyone but Him.

    I don’t know if I am making any sense. I don’t talk about it much for fear of sounding gnostic, but in those months (almost two years)I had some very mystical experiences that have changed everything about my relationship with God, especially how I pray. God isn’t far away anymore, God is as close as my next heartbeat or my next breath.

    I never want to go back to that dark night time, but I never want to forget it either.

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