The Crying Game

My wife cries at the drop of a hat. She cries when she says goodbye, she cries when she says hello, sometimes she even cries when saying, “See you later this afternoon.” She’s an easy target for sappy movies and Hallmark moments. Whereas I haven’t cried in years. Until lately, that is. A couple of weeks ago, I cried at the end of the movie, The Children of Men. The week before that, I cried at the end of Stranger Than Fiction, when the character played by Emma Thompson decides not to kill off the hero because “he’s the kind of person you’d like to keep around.” In both instances I asked my wife, “Did you cry there towards the end?” And she said, “Uh, no, not really.”

Hmm… either I’m too sensitive … or else I’m gettin’ soft, I thought. Or maybe it’s just that what triggers my tear gland (is it a gland?) is different from what triggers my wife’s. But then this morning an odd train of thought occurred which once again caused the emotion to well up in me and seep out a bit. I was thinking about not having my glasses on. I wear them irregularly but with increasing fequency since I got my subscription updated recently. For some reason this caused me to hark back to my grandpa, who died when I was eight, and how he had glasses which, maybe, he also wore irregularly, and how he and I are similar fellows in some ways, prone to germanic goofiness (with a twist of Scotch-Irish in my case). Then it hit me, a pang of grief and longing for my grandpa and how I wished I could have known him as an adult.


  1. Thanks for the spoiler Rosebud! I haven’t seen Stranger Than Fiction Yet.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Let me know if it makes you cry.

  3. Henri Young says

    I cry a lot too, but less than I used to. I used to cry at the darndest times; Terminator 2 made me cry. People doing their job the right way makes me cry. Our troops make me cry. Animals never make me cry, but abandoned and abused kids do. Unless combined strategically with begging, crying never got me laid, so I don’t recommend it the young people.

  4. Rufus McCain says

    Korrektiv readers: when did you last cry and why?

  5. folgers comercials make me cry, especially that one where Peter comes home from college for Christmas and his little sister is the only one up. Wait a minute I have to go get a hankie.


    I’m okay now.

    I will freely admit that I teared up about every 25 pages reading Children of God (the sequel to The Sparrow). Mary Doria Russell’s theology was just so beautiful that it brought me to tears.

    I cry at Lifetime movie network and Oxygen movies sometimes.

    I cry sometimes when I am driving back from visiting my mom. She has alzheimer’s disease. I cry because it is so hard to visit with her and I cry because I wonder how many more visits I will have.

    Okay, I guess I cry a lot.

  6. Complete sap, here. I think I cried last reading something on Fr. Stephanos’ blog over the weekend.

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