Derby Day

With the Kentucky Derby a week away, we are at the official start of Julep season. Novelist Walker Percy noted that Juleps “are drunk so seldom that when, say, on Derby Day somebody gives a julep party, people drink them like cocktails.” A proper cocktail is made with a couple of ounces of liquor at most. By contrast, “a good julep holds at least five ounces of Bourbon,” Percy noted. After folks unthinkingly toss back a few Juleps, “men fall face-down unconscious, women wander in the woods disconsolate and amnesic, full of thoughts of Kahlil Gibran and the limberlost.”

Eric Felten, The Wall Street Journal


  1. Henri Young says

    See H.S Thompson on the K Derby.

  2. Never liked juleps, I think it is an eversion to leaves floating in my drink. Same reason I don’t like mojitos which are basically the same darn thing only made with rum and a little umbrella.

    I suppose I don’t like mint in my drinks either. Never even liked pepermint schnapps in college, It tasted like drinking mouthwash.

    The worst inovation they ever made was mint flavored Bailey’s Irish Cream. What brainiac thought this was a good idea.

    I think the reason they drink Juleps at the Derby, (as well as eating spiked Derby pie) is to forget that they are actually watching a horse race. With enough liquid refreshement imbibed they can pretend that it is just another social occasion, with big hats.

  3. Rufus McCain says

    Found the Hunter Thompson piece here.

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