The Farkleberry Spreads

Of the making of new Bible translations there is no end. Catholics, who are forced to listen to the clunky New American Bible at Mass, get to work off in advance some of the punitive aspects of purgatory. And evangelicals are indebted to Nelson publishers for the New Century Version. Now that version is available in Immerse: A Water-Resistant New Testament. “The first-ever water-resistant Bible is available in lime green and orange, with the pages 100% water-resistant…. A wonderful addition to any mission trip, a weekend at the beach, hiking, or even when you get baptized!” The effectual grace of baptism being indiscernible in so many of us, we now have a water-resistant Bible for water-resistant Christians. What won’t they think of next? Don’t ask.

— Richard John Neuhaus, in the February issue of First Things, p. 71.


  1. 1 Corinthians 13 is a perfect example of clunkiness, if not outright alteration of the basic message. After meditating o this chapter in the RSV, I went to Mass to hear a markedly different NAB translation. I just don’t think I can ever go back to NAB.

  2. I have more than one translation.

    I started with the NAB, then moved the the RSV, then decided I needed the complete Audio bible wit multiple voices when I was studying OT in Gradual School so I could “absorb” some on my commutes.

    Then I came across a Knox translation online that I just had to have, just for prayer.

    Now I would give anything for a Tanakh, if only I could convince mrangelmeg that it was completely necessary. I suppose I will have to be content with the online version for now.


    funny, can’t imagine any eventuality where I will need a waterproof version though.
    I think my devoted husband will throttle me if I tell him I need “just one more” translation.

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