How You Found Korrektiv III

Typing the search words seattle opera don giovanni read a blog somewhere in the vicinity of Port Townshend, Washington, 66.235.26 has evidently turned up last week’s post about the new Seattle Opera production of Don Giovanni. 211.31.224 in Sydney, Australia has learned about baritone Mariusz Kwiecien’s current run as Don G. in Seattle, and 81.66.108 in Paris, France has found Thomas Hampson’s concert performance of Finch ‘han dal vino on our humble site. Korrektiv: bringing together (maybe not so humbly) sardonic catholics, beer joke afficianados, and now opera fans from around the globe.


  1. Do you mean Mr.mASTicBATor?

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Yeah, him too.

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