How You Found Korrektiv I

Seems that 68.194.74 from East Meadow, New York was looking for some kind of Padre Pio bread recipe. For communion, perhaps? It’s hard for me to imagine making a loaf of bread named after one our most cherished stigmatists without making it communion bread, so let’s hope our fellow waferer wasn’t too offended by our notice about the saint’s recent Unlikely Appearance in the receiving end for the digestive system. We don’t make all this stuff up, you know; we just follow it as closely as we can. As for the bread, if anybody actually has that recipe we would much appreciate she or he sending it.


  1. Deep Furrows says

    is wafer-er an intentional pun, i.e. one who seeks bread?

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Indeed it is.

    But here is an unintentional pun: the letters that make up my word verification for this comment are y,d, j,h and s – which, without the commas, spells out something that sounds an awful lot like “jihadists”. Which describes us here as Korrktiv pretty well, I suppose.

    Thank you for asking, Deep Furrows.

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