Sherman Alexie on Starbucks and the Sonics in the Stranger

Sherman Alexie has an interesting article on just about everything, including Howard Schultz and the American Dream, a motel room in Oklahoma City, Luke Ridenour’s rank in the NBA, and his own status on the totem pole of American Writers. Also includes a couple of nice observations about conversations with his father, which I think a lot of us can understand. And, perhaps because this is the Stranger, drops the F bomb a lot. A lot.


  1. Big Jon, Bully says

    This is a really good article and it emobodies the fake/phony authenticity of modern American writers that I dispise.

    Cleverly concealed artfulness to the last drop.

    If I see Mr. Alexi at the 23/Jackson Starbucks (I frequent that establishment) I will personally bitch slap him back to the Spokane Indian reservation.

    The hereditary victim status thing is also getting old. I don’t see any evidence that he personally suffered more than you or me.

    Good writing though.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    I think that you’re being a bit harsh on Mr. Alexi. I had no problems with the article; agree about Ridnour and Starbucks, etc.

    Why don’t you stay on your side of the blogosphere?

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    Had to go look up the original link, which seems to have been lost when the blog migrated. Somehow I must’ve missed this back when Quin posted it, or I never got around to reading it. Well worth revisiting, despite Big Jon’s assessment of Alexie.

  4. Dr. Feelgood says

    Are there other instances of Mr. Webb arguing with Big Jon, Bully?

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