Onan Goes Onscreen

And no, we’re not discussing Borat…

Barb liked Little Children a lot more than some people:

“Little Children goes way beyond In the Bedroom in looking at sin as the native human disease that afflicts us all in varying degrees. In the film, sin manifests itself as immaturity and all the action in the film proceeds out of the mainly adult characters acting like, well, little children, who play with their seven deadly toys, like toddlers with a set of colorful plastic keys. Some of the adult children in the movie play with more harmful, scandalous toys than others, but the basic point of view here is the omniscient which watches all of the silliness with the same compassion.”

“Some people” in that earlier sentence being my man here at the day job, for whom the “omniscient” is merely “smarty-pants.” But while Barb worries about the rather explciit sex onscreen, Duncan gets charmingly particular:

“To have three separate male characters masturbate on screen on three separate occasions must set some sort of record.”

Hoo! (Yes, I’ll be seeing this one anyway. And averting my eyes for the coupling.)

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