Dog or Cat, You Must Choose

Daughter of Eve (a month shy of three years old) was a puppy dog for Halloween. She nearly had a meltdown, however, when at the last minute she decided she didn’t want to be a puppy dog but rather a kitty cat.

Finally the puppy dog was a go, though, and all was well and much candy was gathered.

This is how it is, though. You want to be a puppy dog but then that rules out being a kitty cat; and it hurts to give up that possibility, to so limit yourself.


  1. poetlaureat says

    A fatal choice. You go down the dog path and realize that you wanted to be a cat all along. Too late, no dice, no tag backs. Sorry Charlie, the train has left the station.

  2. The Ironic Catholic says

    At least she wasn’t a sheep wanting to be a goat.

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