It’s been awfully quite around here lately, and I wonder if there might be some bad feelings. I would like to apologize to for my bad behaviour at teh Korrektiv Summit last weekend at the Mandarin Gate. More specifically, I called Henri and Rufus “a couple of Nancy Boys,” and I would just like to say now that I regret that. It was the Turkey talking. That’s not an explanation, but an excuse. And a damn good one.


  1. Would that be an example of the “wild turkey” defense?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    What I want to know is, what’s a grumpy brother Catholic gotta do to get an invite to that thing? Ironic and Angelmeg, have you had any success on this front?

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    No offense taken. I too laughed until I cried.

  4. The Ironic Catholic says

    me, I get high on Jesus.

  5. I never get invited anywhere.


  6. Rufus McCain says

    Earlier this evening, in response to Matthew’s query, I composed a long, involved open invitation to him and our favorite angelic and ironic blog-ladies to the next Korrektiv Summit, but Blogger belched when I tried to post it.

  7. The Ironic Catholic says

    Right right…blame the technology 🙂

    (Although Blogger is being an absolutel pain in the butt the past two days)

  8. Rufus McCain says

    My dog ate y’all’s invitations.

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