Stand Up Bob

Apparently Bob Dylan really is the Jokerman. Here are a few gags listed at Expecting Rain:

“On guitar: Stu Kimball. Stu’s from around here. He runs a farm just outside town. Got cows there. He put one on a scale because he wanted to see how much milky way….”

badum bump

“He’s from Louisiana. They got a lot of snakes down there. When it rains, he puts them on his windshield and calls them ‘windshield vipers’.”

In Portland, Maine (11/23/2001) Bob finished a song and said “I forgot the words there for a minute……..I think I hypnotized myself.”

“On drums, David Kemper, he once swallowed a roll of film, we’ll see what develops.”

When Bob shared the bill with Joni Mitchell in Chicago, 1999, he introduced “Make You Feel My Love” by saying, “This is a song I wrote for Garth Brooks. Regrets, I’ve had a few… but then again, too few too mention.”


  1. Bob,

    Don’t quit your day job there babe.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Bob told this one on his radio show:

    What do you do if you miss your mother-in-law?

    Reload and try again.

  3. Rufus McCain says

    “I’m sittin’ on my watch so I can be on time” is one of my favorite Dylan lyrics off of the Love and Theft album.

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