Klub Korner

Other noteworthy klubs:

Klub Kuumba
The University of Georgia’s first and only African American culturally based poetry society.

Animal Rescue Klub
ARK rescues and places a variety of breeds of dogs and cats.

The Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub
THCKK is committed to establishing avenues for communication for its members and providing as much information to collectors of Keen Kutter, Diamond Edge, Winchester, Simmons and Shapleigh Hardware items as possible.

Neck Brace Art Appreciation Klub
Folks who share a common interest in “recreational & artistic” neck and back bracing.

Tantra Klub
A meeting place of people who accept their sexuality in a natural way and want a high quality erotic life.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    I drive to all of them in my K car while operating my komputer.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Don’t krash!

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