Poetry Corner, Farm Edition

Well, some rather brilliant wiseacres have been opining about the deeper themes buried in the goat poem. I thought it might be fun to let them have at a couple more.

I’m fond
Of the pond.
The fishes sleep
Where the water is deep
The marshy mallow
Grows where it’s shallow.
The little creek chatters
Like it’s all that matters
But suddenly hushes
When it reaches the rushes
At the edge of the pond.

More in a bit…


  1. Cubeland Mystic says


    On first reading the symbolism escaped me, but then on the second it became even more opaque. Then clarity. . . a post modern Wordsworth.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I was completely serious about the apocalyptic overtones (undertones?) of the goat poem.

    This one, on the other hand, is pure Hopkins. It’s got the inscape and the sprung rhythm and the oozing.


  3. I find this poem of yours the most beautiful, short though it is.
    It explains the little life that the pond has, simple, but beautiful. And I assure you that it will be published in our upcoming issue.
    Monica Lickona, Editor of the Lickona Times

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    Good heavens – thanks again, Monica. Your kind words mean a great deal to me.

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