Modern Love

“The groom’s mother wore a peach silk suit and an expression of mingled happiness, anxiety and bemusement. The other groom’s mother wore a peacock-blue dress and a similar expression, one that seemed to combine “I can’t believe this is happening” with “What a beautiful day, what a lovely chapel, what nice well-dressed people — just like a real wedding.”

But this huppah was not just a huppah. First, it was a quilt, created by the grooms’ families and friends, with squares that read “Two Boys Dancing” and “I don’t even know how to think straight.””

Read the the whole story here.


  1. Henri Young says

    What would Quidam say? The religious postulates are there but twisted into a narcissistic pretzel? Or is it merely esthetic damnation masquerading as the religious? Or is it basically a farce? “One groom’s father needed to step outside and smoke a lot. The other groom’s father was dead.” Is that the clue to the rift in the psychological fabric and the tragedy that lurks beneath the farce? When life gives you lemons you make lemonade?

  2. Rufus McCain says

    On the other hand, the vows where they pledged that they would die for each other was pretty moving, whether you approve of the whole charade or not.

  3. Henri Young says

    “Mounting the huppah” conjures forth some interesting images.

  4. Why the over abundance of symbolism do you suppose? I think perhaps to mask the lack of true spiritual substance.

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